THE Earth DAY 2020

Happy Earth Day to All of you. Today, it might be a unique experience of celebrating the Earth day from home during these COVID 19 days. It’s calm celebrations, no big seminars, conferences in some fancy hotels, nor we can see crowds on the streets having banners or play cards. Most of the humans are busy dealing with the grand pandemic, urging to stay in homes and give some space to the earth and the species who own it, at least their part. Millions of people are affected by the deadly virus, thousands of them died, many industries stopped, economies changed, and the poor and old suffered. Yet nature took a deep sigh of relief, the world was tired and badly wounded, many environmental boundaries are going back to normal, ozone is healing, and the air cleaner. The COVID 19 has badly exposed us that what we did to the beautiful mother earth, for thousands of years, from generation to generation it allowed us to live and sustain our lives. Yet, in the name of human development, we gave poisonous gases, overexploitation pollution, and much worse things in return to this mother earth and the species living within.
It also exposed and showed us how simple it could be to cure and preserve nature, nature has its healing system. it doesn’t need touchy sentences of sympathy nor it needs any of the complex rocket sciences to deal with it like failed COP etc., all it demands from us to give it a little space now, to continue what most of us are doing to preserve the nature and climate.